Whether it’s helping a parent with a bus stop problem or passing a budget that puts our children and employees first; it all feels important. Working collaboratively with Superintendent Hanna and my school board colleagues, we have accomplished a lot over the past 7+ years.

Proud of My Record

Accomplishments with the Superintendent and School Board

• Fortified School Hardening Measures/ Created Single Points of Entry.

• Armed Officers at All Schools/ Additional Officer at Each High School.

• Funded 50 Security Monitors to Assist Armed Officers at All Schools.

• Purchased Weapons Detection Dog.

• Instituted Anonymous Reporting App for Students at All Middle and High Schools.

• Utilizing Zero Eyes Camera Software that Identifies an Individual with a weapon.

• Extended School Security Hours for After School Programs.

• 24/7 monitoring of Social Media threats to students, staff and schools.

• Invested 10 million Dollars to Purchase Every Student A Mobil Learning Device’.

• Purchased CANVIS Learning Management Platform for All Teachers and Students.

• Graduation rates rank top 10 in the state

• Strategic Focus on Early Learning Initiatives from Birth to Age 5.

• Built Partnerships with Early Learning Coalition and Local Providers.

• Developed A Community Pop Up Pre-School Program and Built a Mobil Classroom.

• Created “Littles to Leaders” Program for New and Expectant Mothers.

• $500 thousand Dollars of Additional Annual Funding for Middle and High School Arts Programs.

• $500 Thousand Dollars of Additional Annual Funding for High School Athletic Programs.

• Middle School Athletic Programs Free of Fees for Students and Parents.

• Added Middle School Baseball For 2023/2024 School Year.

• Beginning Teacher Salary Increased From $36,500 To $47,500.

• Veteran Teacher Salary Increased By $10,700.

• Minimum Wage Increased From $9.34-$15.00 Per Hour.

• Bus Driver Salaries Increased By $7.34 Per Hour.

• Para Professional Salaries Increased By 35 Percent.

• Completed Rickards High School—2 New Classroom Wings (42 classrooms) and Site Improvement (60 million Dollars)

• Completed Fairview Middle School—New Classrooms/New Cafeteria/ Gym Remodeling (30 million Dollars)

• Completed New Athletic Fields and Tracks for All High School (8 million Dollars)

• W.T. Moore Elementary School—Site Expansion/New Classrooms (12 million Dollars)

• Hartsfield Elementary School—New Cafeteria 9 million Dollars

• Leon High School—Gym Renovation and Remodeling (10 million Dollars)

• Nimes Middle School—New Cafeteria/ Gym Renovations (12 million Dollars)

• Griffin Middle School–New Cafeteria/Gym/Classroom Building (36 million Dollars)

• Rae Middle School—New Gym/Performing Center, 2 New Classroom Wings (40 million Dollars)
• Cobb Middle School—Complete School Rebuild (50 million Dollars)

• Reduced Capital Debt by Over 140 million Dollars.

• Leon County Schools on Track to Be 100 Percent Debt Free By 2028.

• Developing Plans to Renew Half Penny Sales Tax Initiative to Support New Construction,

• Remodeling/Renovation, Maintenance of Facilities, Technology, Bus Replacement.

• Visited schools and helped them with their specific needs. Judged spelling bees, spoke at awards and promotion ceremonies.

• Active in South City Foundation

• Active in Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and Big Bend Minority Chamber events