Florida Legislature: Make Public Schools a Priority

Legislature: Make Public Schools a Priority Public schools are the foundation of our democracy; they give all children a chance, no matter their background, no matter their zip code. Please, legislators, make our children your first priority in your grand budget bargain. We’re charged with providing a first class education for all, but with currentContinue reading “Florida Legislature: Make Public Schools a Priority”

“Assignment of School Grades Arbitrary and Capricious”

Without the inclusion of learning gains, said Rosanne Wood, retired principal of SAIL High School, “these grades say more about zip codes than about how much students learned after they walked in the door.” While SAIL often earned an “A” under the accountability system, Wood, a longtime critic of the school grading system, still describesContinue reading ““Assignment of School Grades Arbitrary and Capricious””

Rosanne Wood is running for Leon County School Board

I hope you have heard by now that I am running for the Leon School Board in the 2016 election. I’ll be running for the seat in District 2, currently held by Dee Crumpler, who does not intend to run again. I decided to run because I feel compelled to do something to help our publicContinue reading “Rosanne Wood is running for Leon County School Board”

What a Waste–Florida End-of-Course Testing Needs to Go

For the past 4 weeks, middle and high schools have been scrambling to figure out how to get their students scheduled to take mysterious, state-controlled, computerized end-of-course exams. Students who take actual computer classes have been relegated to study halls for weeks at a time. Teachers have been limping along with half of their studentsContinue reading “What a Waste–Florida End-of-Course Testing Needs to Go”

Futures not as bright for our 2015 graduating seniors

 My View, published in the Tallahassee Democrat, May 7, 2015 One of the best things the 1997 Florida Legislature ever did was to enact the Bright Futures Scholarship program, funded by the Florida Lottery. It has helped keep the best and brightest of our graduating seniors in Florida. It has also been a tremendous incentive forContinue reading “Futures not as bright for our 2015 graduating seniors”

Learning Disrupted and Florida Testing Canceled Due to Server Crashes

Thousands of students missed instruction today and are sitting in 3-hour home rooms. Why? because every time large groups have to test, classes have to be canceled. Due to state-wide server crashes, once again all schools in Florida are being disrupted and more instructional time is going down the drain. Yet, students and schools areContinue reading “Learning Disrupted and Florida Testing Canceled Due to Server Crashes”