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Rosanne Wood, Leon County School Board, District

Rosanne was elected to the District 2 Leon County School Board seat on August 30, 2016 with 75% of the vote and served as the Chair in 2018. She was unopposed for her 2020 re-election, so will continue to serve students and families at least until 2024.

In 2019 she was  honored by the Tallahassee Democrat as “Twenty-five Women to Know” ; she was selected for the Aquilina C. Howell Award by the Tallahassee Urban League. She currently serves on the advisory board for the South City Foundation and as the School Board liaison for the Leon County Commission. 

Rosanne grew up in Belle Glade Florida. She moved to Tallahassee to go to FSU in 1970 and has never left.  She has been married to Pete Kreis for 30 years. Rosanne has one daughter (29), two step-sons and is grandmother of their five children.

Rosanne has been recognized as one of Florida’s pioneer educational innovators. After graduating from FSU with a Master’s Degree in Social Studies Education, she served as a founding teacher and three years later at the age of 27, she became the principal of SAIL (School for Arts and Innovative Learning) High School in Tallahassee, Florida  (Note: Youngest principal in the state @age 27 and longest serving at the same school-32 years as principal)

Under her leadership, SAIL received national and state recognition for groundbreaking work with students whose interests and talents were not met in traditional public schools. In 2010, the College Board recognized SAIL as one of 6 best schools in the nation for “Innovation in the Arts”.

Rosanne is a strong advocate for full funding and support of public schools. She is a proponent of early intervention and a critic of the misuse of standardized testing and school grades. She is a voice for policies and funding that promote EQUITY among the schools and better teacher salaries.

Rosanne advocates for more innovative magnet programs to help with desegregation efforts, required recess for all elementary students, no D or F grades for our youngest children, more career-technical programs with internships for high school students, better pre-k programs and sustainable energy practices in Leon County Schools.

Other Honors Include:

  • Panelist on 2020 Tallahassee Race Relations Summit Session: EDUCATION – Race, Status, and Education Reform: Issues of Excellence & Equality.
  • Serves as School Board Legislative delegate for the Florida School Boards Association, 2019-21.
  • Served as Past President and board member for the Council on Cultural Arts, COCA, in Tallahassee, FL., 2012-2020.
  • Was chosen as one of five “Trailblazers” by the Oasis Center for Women and Girls in 2013.
  • Served as a Panelist at the National Public Radio/TV American Graduate Town Hall on reducing dropouts and increasing options for high school graduation, October 2013.
  • Was a Keynote speaker at the International Conference for Invitational Educators in Orlando, Florida, September 2013. Her topic was, “Climate Change: Creating public school environments that foster creativity, honor every student, and eliminate bullying.”
  • Served on the Citizens Editorial Board for the Tallahassee Democrat in 2012.
  • Was honored as the FSU College of Education “Distinguished K-12 Educator” alumni award in 2011.
  • Was selected as the Leon County School Administrator of the Year in 2010.
  • Was honored as a “Woman of Courage and Vision” by Tallahassee Community College in 2001
  • Was selected by the Commissioner of Education for the “Principal Achievement Award for Outstanding Leadership” in 1990.
  • Served as President of the Leon County Principals’ Association in 1988 and 1995 and as the State President of the Florida Association of Alternative School Educators in 1989-91

Rosanne continues to speak out against top-down Legislative proposals that weaken public schools. You can follow her on her blog–Perspectives on Education and on Facebook . Contact her at woodr@leonschools.net

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