High-Stakes Testing Overload about to Sink our Public Schools!

Children are stressed out and parents are m ad enough to want their children to “Opt-Out” of all high-stakes testing. Frustrated teachers are leaving the profession and superintendents are demanding real change.  Lawmakers: how about some real relief? Florida schools are about to hit the big testing/school grades accountability iceberg this spring. Why?  This year,Continue reading “High-Stakes Testing Overload about to Sink our Public Schools!”

It’s Gonna Be HOT!

Today is the deadline to register for my Hot Topics “debate” with Patricia Levesque, mentioned in the article below. January 28, 2015 Wednesday 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m Hot Topic Luncheon on the Overuse of Standardized Testing in our schools Capital City Country Club, 1601 Golf Terrace Drive $17 Nonmembers – $20 FOR RESERVATIONS: PleaseContinue reading “It’s Gonna Be HOT!”

Remembering A Magnificent Teacher and Human Being-Brother Rodderick Moorer

Rodderick Moorer was a magnificent human being and a transformational teacher. He loved his students and challenged them to think, question and learn about American History, Government and Economics. As parent Sue Wiley said, “He was respectful of his students, had high expectations of them and was willing to wait for them to kick intoContinue reading “Remembering A Magnificent Teacher and Human Being-Brother Rodderick Moorer”

Accountability–YES! School Grades–NO!

Accountability–YES! School Grades–NO! At  Governor Scott’s  recent  School Grading Summit,  there was much discussion about extending safety nets to schools which would otherwise drop two letter grades caused by the significant changes to the grading rules. They might as well have debated whether or not to throw safety nets off the Titanic. The Florida A-FContinue reading “Accountability–YES! School Grades–NO!”

And you thought your child was taking a lot of tests now . . .

Bill Gates is finally admitting what people who actually work in schools have been saying for the past 10 years. Trying to hastily evaluate teachers by over-reliance on standardized test results is a fool’s errand.  Many of the most important things counselors, social workers and many teachers do (think art, music, drama, PE)  for ourContinue reading “And you thought your child was taking a lot of tests now . . .”