Learning Disrupted and Florida Testing Canceled Due to Server Crashes

Thousands of students missed instruction today and are sitting in 3-hour home rooms. Why? because every time large groups have to test, classes have to be canceled.

Due to state-wide server crashes, once again all schools in Florida are being disrupted and more instructional time is going down the drain. Yet, students and schools are STILL being held accountable for results on these ill-planned, unreliable, high-stakes tests! Complain to the governor and Legislature now! Don’t make our kids pay for the state’s ineptitude!student_asleep-620x412

Read a full summary on current legislation here.

Published by Rosanne Wood, Leon County School Board Member

Rosanne Wood was elected to the Leon County School Board, District 2 on August 30, 2016. She was a founding teacher and served as the principal of the award winning SAIL High School in Tallahassee, Florida for 32 years.

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