More trails to blaze!

More trails to blaze!

Thank you Kelly Otte for such a nice article. I’m so glad your son was one of the many students SAIL was able to help along the way.

Published by Rosanne Wood, Leon County School Board Member

Rosanne Wood was elected to the Leon County School Board, District 2 on August 30, 2016. She was a founding teacher and served as the principal of the award winning SAIL High School in Tallahassee, Florida for 32 years.

4 thoughts on “More trails to blaze!

  1. Congratulations. You might want to join the Diane Ravitch list serve where your concerns about over-reliance on standardized tests and your support for public school choice would be interesting to many.
    Again, congrats on the article.

    1. I follow her blog everyday. I will submit something soon. There is some really bad stuff happening in the Florida Legislature that involves a hand-over of public schools to for-profit charters, with very little accountability. It’s a powerful train fueled by Jeb Bush’s “Foundation for Florida’s Future”. Scary stuff.

      1. Isn’t also true that you support choice among public schools (including SAIL)? Isn’t it also true that you oppose allowing public schools to have admissions tests? Finally, isn’t it true that there are some great charters?
        There are key points that Ravitch does not get.

  2. Yes to all 3 questions. My daughter attended a high quality, student-centered, parent run charter school grades 3-8. However, I’m afraid the for-profit charter companies, like Charter USA, are swallowing that grassroots initiative and have instead decided to siphon off public dollars (and high achieving students) to make big profits. I can’t abide that!

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